Special BuscoVicktors Vinyl Sticker

Special BuscoVicktors Vinyl Sticker


This glorious sticker feature the original logo for the BuscoVicktors. We at Left Turn Clothing felt it was absolute perfection, and were so sad to see it changed that we are offering it as a limited edition sticker. You’re welcome.

Your allegiance is drawn to the smell of high alpine air, the free bird soaring of eagles and the bugles of Elk! BOOYAA for Buscovick Glory! Help show your support for the BuscoVicktors in their quest to defend Buscovick honour 🦅

For those whom can’t pick a side, check out the “Love & Roller Derby” sticker.

Since everyone can’t make it to Colorado, these are available for pre-order for a limited time. If you can attend, be sure to grab them online to save time and pick up on location!

3” Vinyl sticker featuring the logo of the BuscoVicktors. These stickers are both waterproof and scratch proof.

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